Exercise Correction

Sometimes pain can  derive from incorrect exercise form, poor exercise choices, or just doing too much too soon.  As a former personal trainer, Dr. Schafer can recommend changes to your exercise form and selection, and identify injuries which are likely due to exhaustion.

Therapeutic Massage

 and Manual Therapy

Combining massage and manual techniques with chiropractic re-alignment ensures that you improve both structurally and functionally.

Healing the muscles, tendons and fascia is necessary to restore normal motion and decrease pain for many conditions.  Many overuse syndromes involve muscular damage, and it can be difficult to seperate muscular vs. joint pain.  Massage  therapy techniques can accelerate the healing of these tissues, decrease stress, and make you feel like yourself again. We also utilize manual therapies including trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy, and manual stretching.  Communication with the chiropractor ensures that  the most pertinent areas are addressed. 

Nutritional Consultation 

What diet is best for you?  Low-carb? Vegan? Gluten -free?  Dr. Schafer will recommend a diet based on your symptoms, and your body characteristics, not on passing fads.  

Common Question:  Do I need to see the chiropractor to receive massage therapy?

 At our office - Yes.  Therapeutic massage requires an  examination by the doctor.   It is a treatment for conditions involving muscular damage.  Dr. Schafer should asses your condition to see if therapeutic massage is warranted or perhaps even contraindicated.  Therapeutic massage  may cause further pain if your condition is not properly diagnosed.  

Lifestyle Modification

 After every patient is given a thorough history and evaluation, appropriate measures to change any habits that may be affecting the patient's condition are reviewed.  What is the best sleeping position?  Which mattress should I use?  What about pillows? Computer workplace modification is sometimes helpful as well. 

Therapeutic Exercise

Balance.  Flexibility.  Strength.  Which of these is most important?  All of them.  Only a trained professional with years of experience can pinpoint your weak link and correct it.  It is essential that the patient become actively involved in this process.  Body weight exercises, elastic bands, and stretching all combine to make the recipe for success. Most exercises can be reproduced at home without any expensive equipment.  


Chiropractic adjustments

When looking at the human body structurally, it is important to consider how the alignment of the bones can have a profound affect on how it functions.  Most adjustments are performed manually. as this gives the most feedback to the practitioner.  An activator tool is sometimes used for more delicate procedures.  The "Diversified" technique is primarily used at Schafer Chiropractic.  It is the most researched method and is the one most commonly taught at chiropractic colleges.

Cancellation Policy

*There is a $35 fee for no shows or appointments changed with less than 24 hours notice for any massage or manual therapy.