Proper diet and exercise should make you feel invigorated and not exhausted.  All too often we are already dragging by with barely enough energy to get through the day.  Simply adjusting your sleep,  nutrition and exercise  can have a profound affect on your energy level.  Dr. Schafer has the experience to "translate" what your body is trying to tell you, and prescribe appropriate modifications.

The hardest part to getting regular exercise is to listen to your body and adjust your training accordingly.  Every body has it's own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing your strong points, and correcting your weak links will provide you with the framework to a long healthy life.

Exercise/Sports Injury

Runners are particularly at risk for injury.   Recent studies indicate that half of all runners are injured each year.  If you are training for a marathon, you actually have a 90% chance of sustaining an injury.  We can provide you with a treadmill gait analysis to help pinpoint the cause of your pain.  Runners are often surprised how a few simple corrections can eliminate the problem .  Massage therapy has also been shown to be very helpful in muscle recovery and overall flexibility.  Our customized Runner's Massage has the remedy for your tight hips and calves and your sore low back and feet.  We'll have you back in action in no time.

 What do Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt have in common?  You guessed it- they all have benefited from chiropractic care while at their peak. The truth is that any sport can lead to overuse or traumatic injury. 

So whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we can help improve your sports performance.  Total body chiropractic means that we can treat your knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain and many more.

The fitness  industry makes billions on promoting weight loss products, and quick fix exercise schemes.  The truth is that these systems lack  the single most important factor- individual accommodation.  Even with the strictest form, you may still hurt yourself.  Dr. Schafer will guide you through the white noise of  current fitness trends to find what works for your body.

Humans were not designed to sit at a computer for 40 hours per week, yet that is what many of us are asked to do for our occupation.  This lifestyle will often result in weakness of our core muscles, and inflexibility of our limbs. .  Our bodies crave movement, and will not thrive without it. If you have a sedentary job , this will increase your risk for chronic disease and pain.  It is not surprising that many of us hurt as much as we do.