Schafer Chiropractic is the very definition of a family owned and operated business. After moving to Grand Rapids from Chicago in 2000, Dr. Schafer worked as an associate Chiropractor for 7 years before starting his own clinic.  His passion for getting people out of pain and keeping them there is only rivaled by his desire to help and listen.  

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ANDREW Schafer
Co-owner, chiropractor, former personal trainer, & nice guy

We strive to be approachable yet professional. Schafer Chiropractic has been serving the greater Grand Rapids area for 15 years. Dr. Andrew Schafer and his wife, Sheri Beth co-own the business. 

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Sheri Beth Schafer
Co-owner, myo-fascial release therapist, reiki practitioner, massage therapist, meditation instructor & cool lady

At Schafer Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping people heal.  Chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic bodywork, and core coordination home exercises, all help facilitate the process.  We focus on the whole person, not just a symptom, because we know that where the pain is, and where the problem is, are likely two different areas. The correction of skeletal misalignments are a great way to start the process, but unless we can figure out why you are misaligned, it will likely continue to happen. Sometimes lifestyle modification is necessary for lasting change. As a former personal trainer, Dr. Schafer has the experience needed to get people to move their bodies (the right way). Rest is rust.  Movement is medicine!

Myofascial Release therapy and manual therapy, as performed by Sheri Beth, can be extremely efficacious in reducing joint stiffness and muscle soreness.  In addition, these techniques can help the body release the pain from long standing trauma. For some cases, true healing cannot occur without this crucial step.